We cater for all the needs of the modern day tenant with an extensive property range to cater for all types of property needs and all budget requirements.

Due to our stringent referencing procedures, we attract landlords with the highest calibre of property; this will ensure a comfortable time throughout the period of your tenancy, avoiding inconvenience and problems during your stay. The rental market is fast moving and ever changing, to find out our current portfolio check online or alternatively call the office, always check availability before making an appointment and give us as much notice as possible, we may need to warn outgoing tenants you wish to view, this will help them to tidy and for you to see the properties in their best light, saving you time and inconvenience!

Our Properties

We have a wide range of properties which we advertise on many websites including; Zoopla, Upmystreet, UKpropertyshop.co.uk...

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The Process

Step 1

Once you have made your selection, you will need to complete a Tenancy Application form and pay the referencing and identity verification fees.


Step 2

Upon receipt of a completed application and reference fee your application will be immediately submitted, we can normally have a response within 3 working days subject to receiving all replies.


Step 3

Prior to you taking up your tenancy we will require one months rent in advance and a security deposit - this amount will vary dependent on the size and type of property. This will be lodged with the appropriate tenancy deposit scheme until the expiry of your tenancy and subject to the property being returned in a satisfactory condition the bond will be returned to you within two weeks subject to confirmation all accounts are settled and in order (fees may be deducted – ask for more details).

This money must be in the form of cleared funds, either a banker's draft, telegraphic transfer or cash, personal cheques will not be accepted.


Step 4

Before you move into the property you will be required to sign the tenancy agreement and check the inventory. We will take some meter readings then we can pass your details to the utility companies along with the correct readings we don’t want you being billed for someone else’s gas or electric.


Step 5

Hand the keys over and leave you to all the hard work of moving in!


I need to speak to someone about the property I rent.


If your property is managed we will be your point of contact for the duration of your tenancy, you must contact the management office immediately should you encounter any problems.

If yours is a Let Only property you will need to contact the landlord directly, we will advise you of contact numbers at the outset of your tenancy.